Building Blocks Preschool



Welcome to Building Blocks Preschool and Child Care Center! We are an extended ministry of Three Rivers New Hope Assembly.

The following is information concerning our goals and objectives.

Mission Statement

To provide each child with a safe and positive, child-centered learning environment where they will be able to start building their foundation to become a life-long learner. 



Building Blocks Preschool believes that children enter school at many different stages of physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.  This belief drives us to be committed to a philosophy that develops confidence, independence, self-respect, and self-discipline within children, as well as a respect and love for others.   During the preschool years children learn through discovery, purposeful play, and social interaction with peers. 

An open and cooperative relationship between home and school is essential.  We believe that parents and teachers together provide learning experiences and models, which build positive attitudes, promote children’s potential and enhance school success. 


Our Commitment To You

The Staff will provide love, acceptance and an enriched learning environment to facilitate the total growth and development of your child. 

As a Christian School, we teach who Jesus is, what He did for us and what our relationship to Him is. The children will become better acquainted with the Word of God through Bible stories and daily prayer. 

Our daily routine follows the High Scope Curriculum and consists of independent, child-led activities as well as teacher directed group games, music time, meals, outside time and projects. 

We look forward to an exciting child care experience with your child! If you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. 

May God bless you and your family abundantly this year!

In Christ’s Service,

Ms. Clark